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NeuroStar TMS Testimonials

Patti's Story

For me, trying TMS was a very easy decision. I was unhappy with the side effects of my antidepressants. I had tried multiple ones over the last 20 years. When Brian told me about NeuroStar and TMS I didn’t hesitate to say yes. I trusted Brian and his recommendations.

The first few weeks of TMS I felt more tired at night. I took Tylenol an hour before each treatment to prevent a headache (which I was also getting from work stress). But other than that, it was fairly painless. The treatments themselves seem strange in the beginning but after the first 2 weeks they went by very quickly.
After the first 4 weeks, I felt my entire mood being lifted. I felt positive. There was nothing going on in my life for me to attribute it to but TMS.
It has now been 2 weeks since my last treatment and I feel great! I am more friendly and confident in myself. My friends have noticed a difference in my mood. I wake up feeling more hopeful than I have in years.

Everyone at Lighthouse Mental Wellness is kind, and supportive. I never felt scared or worried. They put me at ease and always checked on me.

I would recommend TMS to anyone who has dealt with depression and do not feel that medications are working. It is a treatment that is easy to do, takes only 20 minutes, and the results are amazing.

Thirty-six treatments may sound like a lot, but they go by fast and were absolutely worth it!​

Todd's Story

Kelly's Story

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